The Tazin Lake Experience

Tazin Lake is a deep, clear water lake that sits in the northwest corner of Saskatchewan. With depths over 400 feet, rocky shorelines, a huge forage base and very little pressure, Tazin Lake is teeming with trophy lake trout. It’s also part of an extensive river system and features giant northern pike as well. Our lake has never seen (and never will) a commercial fishing net, allowing us to properly manage the lake with a catch and release policy. This ensures the giants will be around for generations to come. While the fishing is great, it’s not the only part of a trip to Tazin Lake Lodge. Our camp is built to be smaller to ensure less fishing pressure on the lake and more attention for each guest. “

“I had caught lake trout before…but I wasn’t prepared for the size of the lake trout here!”

Steve M.. Florida
Dave - TLL - 72 pounder
“This was beyond a dream! This is my third time (at Tazin Lake Lodge), if you want big fish, you gotta come here!” Dave from Edmonton with a 47″ x 35″ lake trout, estimated at 72 pounds! Caught in June of 2019.

Our crown jewel is a large island that divides the lake into four quadrants and allows for fishing everyday no matter what the wind is. You’ll never see huge waves on our lake, just huge fish! Not only do we have trophy-sized fish, but if you want action, we’ve got it! Anglers have set out to break the century mark for trout caught in a day and it’s been accomplished many times. Fly fisherman have spent the entire day battling angry pike and stout trout on the fly rod. Your arms will be sore from a day spent going after numbers. We also feature fly-out lakes that have had little-to-no pressure the last ten years!

“This was our second time at Tazin Lake because we enjoyed our first trip so much. It was better than the other camps that we’ve been to by a long shot.” Dr

Robert S., Connecticut

While our chef is professionally-trained, he’s also a professional trainer! Steve Driver is well-versed in the art of food preparation and makes sure that none of our guests go hungry. Delicious starters such as salads or soups, main courses like steak, chicken and pork and mouth-watering homemade desserts are prepared daily. The smell of fresh bread floating across the camp will signal that its time for another feast. Our guides also have years of shore lunch experience and a meal of fresh pike or trout on the banks of Tazin are legendary.

Tazin Lake features a rich history from fur trapping to energy development and mineral exploration. Gold and uranium mines are sprinkled throughout the region and in the 1930’s a major project was undertaken by SaskPower to change the direction of the water flow on the lake. An underground tunnel was blasted through the rock and a dam was installed to control the water and alter the course from north to south in order feed water to the Charlot River Power Station.

“The fishing was spectacular! If anyone wants to fish for big lake trout, this is the lake to come to! I already booked a trip to come back!”

David L., Minnesota

Trevor Montgomery and Barry Prall took over as owners of the lodge in 2018 and have worked hard adding new amenities to the camp. Our guides have an extensive knowledge of the lake and will go above and beyond to give you an incredible fishing experience. But they’ll also show you the unique features our lake has to offer. For trophy fish, big numbers and a land full of character, Tazin Lake Lodge is a destination that should be on everyone’s list.

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