What to Expect

Tazin Lake Lodge is located on an island in the heart of Tazin Lake. We feature a 5-star chef that serves up a hearty breakfast each morning and delicious meal each evening. Our Chef Steve Driver is a professional facilitator who trains chefs through advanced culinary training programs in Saskatoon in the offseason.

Guests can expect comfortable beds, hot showers, flush toilets and 24-hour electricity in their cabins.

Internet, tv and satellite phones are available. (More details below)

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Getting To Tazin
Your 7-day trip will begin from Fort McMurray, Alberta.

You will have a 50-pound weight allowance on the plane from Fort McMurray so plan accordingly.

Arrive at McMurray Aviation by the designated time on the Saturday of your trip.

We strongly recommend trip insurance in case of inclement weather.

Once you arrive at Tazin Lake Lodge, you’ll meet your guide, have a meal provided and make a plan for the day.  Then head straight to the water.

What To Bring:
-Rain Gear.  Weather can vary so prepare for hot and dry conditions as well as wet and cool conditions.
-Dry bag
-Fishing gear is provided
-Polarized Sunglasses

Meet our Chef: