Tazin-23The late fall is an exciting time to explore Tazin Lake, located in the northwest corner of Saskatchewan, Canada. Tazin Lake is an hour flight from Fort McMurray; a flight that includes the majestic views of Lake Athabasca as well as a glimpse of the oil fields of Alberta.

Upon reaching Tazin Lake Lodge, which is only 15 kilometres from the Northwest Territories border, we quickly stowed our gear in our cabin, grabbed our rods and headed out on the water with our guides. Our mission for the day was to findTazin-03 and catch the giant northern pike and lake trout that Tazin Lake is known for.

On this trip, we caught and released amazing amounts of fish including our personal best northern pike and lake trout. With a catch and release policy in place to ensure the sustainability of the fishery, only enough fish were kept for a few fantastic shore lunches.

Tazin-21When you visit Tazin Lake, be sure to remember your camera, as the scenery and wildlife is spectacular. Similarly, the Northern Lights put on a visual display that is secondary to none. Home cooked breakfasts every morning, unbelievable shore lunches and dinners that rivals mom’s home cooking await Tazin Lake visitors each day.


Tazin Lake Lodge is a fisherman’s paradise that guarantees some of the best fishing you will experience.